Can I legally use cannabis seeds in Connecticut

Can I legally use cannabis seeds in Connecticut

Can I legally use cannabis seeds in Connecticut? Legal Weed in USA

Can i smoke freely in Connecticut

Connecticut cannabis seeds are always legal to purchase and possess. Where other cannabis use is concerned, Connecticut has had medical cannabis legislation in place since 2012. Patients who are suffering from symptoms like intractable spasticity and post-surgical back pain, or conditions such as sickle cell disease, cancer, epilepsy, and cystic fibrosis, have the right to hold up to one month’s supply of medical cannabis. Legal Weed in USA

Weed Me’s growing facility in Pickering, Ont., is so crammed with cannabis plants that a row of pots have to be cranked out of the way before people can walk between them.

The growing rooms are perfectly clean and brilliantly lit, and of course, the building is filled with the overwhelming smell of weed.

Are there people in Pickering, east of Toronto, who might want to buy legal cannabis grown in their community by their neighbours? Well, so far, Weed Me hasn’t had the chance to find out.

As things stand, if recreational consumers in Pickering want to consume weed grown at the Weed Me facility in their city, they’ll have to get on a plane, fly to British Columbia or Saskatchewan and buy it there.

“Often, my friends ask how they can get my product,” Weed Me founder Terry Kulaga explains. “At the moment, they have to get a script from a doctor and sign up as a patient. And then we can sell directly to them. Otherwise, we sell our product quite literally all the way on the other side of the nation.”

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Cannabis seeds have long been legal to order and own. But it is only since 2011. That Connecticut has allowed the use of medical cannabis for patients with a select range of conditions. Including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, qualifying patients under the age of 18 are entitle to treat their illnesses with high-CBD oils. There are estimate to be more than 1700 medical cannabis patients in the state . Weed in USA

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