when will weed be legal in australia

when will weed be legal in australia

when will weed be legal in australia

In light of this, When will weed be legal in Australia Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that the debate over Pettersson’s cannabis legalisation bill is unlikely to conclude for several months, potentially “not even by mid year at this point”.

“The new standing orders of the Assembly require all amendments to go through a scrutiny process so if there’s any contention around a piece of legislation in the Assembly it will take three sitting periods effectively for it to be resolved, so we intend to have a measured and detail debate both on the principle of the legislation and any subsequent amendments,” Barr said.

Legal Weed in California

The Greens are also currently pushing another piece of legislation, the Drugs of Dependence (Personal Cannabis Use) Amendment Bill, which it hopes will increase patient access to medicinal marijuana.

The leader of the ACT Greens, Shane Ratternbury. Said that the party is proposing the bill “to assist people suffering serious illnesses. To access to cannabis for medicinal use as we know that the ACT’s medicinal cannabis scheme remains hard to access.”


“Here in the Territory, in 2004 and again in 2014. The two major parties blocked the Greens’ bills to legalise cannabis for medicinal use. Unfortunately, now that a scheme does exist, it is not working for those who need it.”

Weed Me’s growing facility in Pickering. Ont., is so cramm with cannabis plants that a row of pots have to be crank out of the way before people can walk between them.

The growing rooms are perfectly clean and brilliantly lit. And of course, the building is fill with the overwhelming smell of weed.

Are there people in Pickering, east of Toronto. Who might want to buy legal cannabis grown in their community by their neighbours? Well, so far, Weed Me hasn’t had the chance to find out.

As things stand, if recreational consumers in Pickering want to consume. Weed grown at the Weed Me facility in their city. They’ll have to get on a plane, fly to British Columbia or Saskatchewan and buy it there.

“Often, my friends ask how they can get my product,” Weed Me founder Terry Kulaga explains. “At the moment. They have to get a script from a doctor and sign up as a patient, and then we can sell directly to them. Otherwise, we sell our product quite literally all the way on the other side of the nation.”

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