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Indica – 55%
Lineage: Thai
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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Buy Chemdawg strain online,order weed in north Ireland. where to buy weed new zealand .Chemdawg is a legendary strain with an uncertain genetic history. While it is thought to be cross from Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces by U.S. breeders, many have lay claim to this strain’s creation. Chemdawg’s origin stories include one account of a complicated seed exchange among fellow growers at a Grateful Dead concert and another tale pinning the strain’s parentage on a Colorado strain called Dog Bud (so name for its tendency to make the smoker roll over like a dog).

Chemdawg has medium-size buds that look slightly different from those of hybrid or pure indica lineage. Long and taper rather than popcorn-like, the flowers have relatively loose and wispy leaves. The spring green leaves are cover in sticky white trichomes, lending buds a silver-white appearance. Due to the combination of their loose structure and resinous texture, buds of Chemdawg are particularly difficult to break up by hand — users preparing flowers for joints or pipes will have an easier time with a grinder. The sticky flowers are thread through with red to orange pistils. Buy Chemdawg strain online. order weed in north Ireland. where to buy weed new zealand


The high from Chemdawg hits quickly, sometimes before users have  a chance to finish appreciating its distinctive diesel aroma. Smokers may experience a sharpening of the senses and an increase hyper-awareness of their surroundings. This initially disorienting head high becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the right set and setting.

Chemdawg is a strain whose cultivation is better suit to more experience growers. For a while, it could only be grown as a clone if a clipping is obtain from a mature plant; now, however, many seed companies sell package seeds of Chemdawg.where to buy chemdawg strain It is more often grown indoors than outdoors, as it requires a good amount of tending to resist mold and mildew. order weed in north ireland

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