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Wedding Crasher (Min. Order: 10)

Wedding Crasher (Min. Order: 10)

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buy weedingcake,Wedding Crasher ,buy weedingcake weed delaway buy weedingcake weed wisconsin buy weedingcake weed tennessee,buy weedingcake weed illinois. Sometimes referred to as Pink Panties, is a modern hybrid with a balanced high and a delicious taste. It’s a cross of Cherry Pie and the famous Girl Scout Cookies. The THC level of Wedding Cake can reach an impressive 25%, while the flavor profile is rich with sour and tangy notes and just a hint of creaminess swirling weedingcake weed tennessee.Wedding Crasher

Wedding Cake hits fast with a nice cerebral onset, speeding up and intensifying thoughts before transitioning into a more body-centric effect. The high is great for creative activities and therapeutic purposes as well, but when smoked in bigger amounts, it can also lock the consumer to the couch for a while.


Indoor Wedding Cake will finish in about 9 weeks and can reach around 500–600g/m², while outdoor it will finish around October. Wedding Cake is not the easiest plant to grow and is not recommend for first time growers. Weddingcake weed. buy weedingcake weed illinois

Wedding Cake sounds like something you need to be at a wedding to try. The Wedding Cake weed we are talking about is a cannabis strain that was cultivate by Blue Dream Inc. (Exotikz) out of Tacoma, WA. This particular weed is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, two legendary strains known for potency.  I don’t associate either of these flavors with a wedding, but both of them have proven to be great on their weedingcake weed delaway

Even though Exotikz does not package their cannabis in glass, it’s still classy and flashy. Light reflects off the metallic label, creating a prism effect on it as you browse the store. Even before I opened the ziplock seal, a heavy aroma was present. Hints of sweet vanilla mixed with a deep earth aroma were present in this batch of wedding cake weedingcake weed wisconsin.Wedding Crasher

White frost cover the flower, and might’ve been mistake as cake frosting to inexperience customers. Exotikz’ Wedding Cake, like all of their strains, is consider top shelf cannabis. The precision and care that goes into producing their cannabis shows in every one of their weedingcake weed tennessee


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